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A Few Encouraging Updates from the White House on COVID-19

This morning, I was one of 35 conservative leaders that Vice President Mike Pence briefed on COVID-19. I was very encouraged by what I heard, and I think you will be too.

Church Services, COVID-19, and the Constitution: Your Questions Answered

Many churches have shared concerns about how the government restrictions put in place to fight the spread of the virus are impacting our religious freedom. I addressed this in a video.

The Coronavirus Crisis Should Unite Us… But the SPLC Can’t See Past Our Differences

It is crises like the coronavirus that allow us to see past these differences and come together. But some—like the SPLC—cannot see past their own political agenda.

How Does the Coronavirus Impact the Supreme Court?

It seems that no one is immune from the impact of the coronavirus—not even the prestigious highest court in the land.

How the Coronavirus Response Points to the Sanctity of Human Life

The fact is that the actions we are taking in response to the coronavirus clearly contradict the pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia movements.

Reflections from a Pro-Life ObGyn on the Supreme Court Oral Arguments in June Medical Services

Healthcare in general, and women’s healthcare specifically, should be important to us all.

ADF’s History Battling Viewpoint-Squelching Student Fees at Public Universities

Our recent win at California State University-San Marcos was the latest in nearly a quarter century of ADF litigation against unconstitutional mandatory student fees.