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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

Court Stops a Wisconsin School District From Lying to Parents

Children who struggle with gender dysphoria need their parents' support.

Churches, Christian Schools, and a Pro-Life Ministry Standing Up to Virginia’s Alarming New Law

It seems that some government officials in Virginia have decided that their preferred political ideology trumps free speech and religious freedom.

This Virginia Photographer Is Standing Up for Freedom

While Bob will happily serve anyone, he cannot express every message through his photography. And he shouldn’t have to.

How Vermont Discriminates Against Students at Private Religious Schools

We are asking the court to set this right and to stop Vermont from treating religious schools and their students worse than everyone else.

U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Is Already Facing Slander for Her Faith

On Saturday, President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.

3 Secular Gatherings That Nevada Has Treated Better Than Religious Gatherings

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s response to COVID-19 has revealed a clear and unconstitutional double standard.

What to Watch for in the Supreme Court’s Upcoming Term

The Supreme Court will reconvene for its new term on October 5. Here's what to watch for.