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The American Medical Association Wants to Hide Facts About Abortion from Women

Women have the right to be fully informed about their medical procedures. They should have complete disclosure of the process, the risks, and what’s at stake—especially when it’s a life.

What Is the Freedom of Speech?

The freedom of speech is simply the ability to say, write, or otherwise express what you truly believe.

Free Legal Guide: Can Pastors and Churches Address 2020 Election Issues?

The guide for pastors and church leaders provides helpful, timely, general guidance on politics, elections, and the issues of the day.

Can You Commit a Thoughtcrime by Using the Wrong Pronoun?

In a free society, there is no place for thoughtcrimes.

3 Comedians Fighting Back Against Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is weaponized political correctness. Even comedians know it’s no laughing matter.

Court Stops a Wisconsin School District From Lying to Parents

Children who struggle with gender dysphoria need their parents' support.

Churches, Christian Schools, and a Pro-Life Ministry Standing Up to Virginia’s Alarming New Law

It seems that some government officials in Virginia have decided that their preferred political ideology trumps free speech and religious freedom.