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Young Lawyers Academy

The ADF Young Lawyers Academy seamlessly combines outstanding legal training with an unwavering commitment to Christian principles. It is designed for recent law school graduates and lawyers in their first few years of practice, with an emphasis on those working in large and mid-size firms, as well as state and federal government offices. This uniquely tailored experience is the latest offering of the ADF Academy, our flagship training program, which now counts more than 1,900 lawyers among its graduates. When you attend the Young Lawyers Academy, you will receive specific resources and opportunities to engage in ADF-related issues at the outset of your career, in addition to the excellent legal training and inspiring worship and devotions offered at all Academy sessions.

Whatever your area of practice, the Young Lawyers Academy will train you to effectively advocate for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family. In most cases, the training includes 8-10 hours of high-quality CLE, focused on these crucial issues. Not only will the Young Lawyers Academy prepare you to integrate your faith with your work, it will equip you with the tools to approach your career strategically, and connect you with an established network to provide support and guidance in a competitive and pressure-filled environment.

Your participation will also enable—and inspire—you to become part of an ever-expanding global movement to impact our legal culture. The Young Lawyers Academy connects you with outstanding like-minded Christian attorneys from around the United States, and provides an unrivaled opportunity to engage with renowned faculty and participate in a scholarly examination of issues such as natural law principles, constitutional jurisprudence, and worldview development. Daily worship and devotions will reinforce the importance of your core beliefs to your practice of law.

The ADF Young Lawyers Academy will take place on September 10-14, 2017, in Cancun, Mexico. Admission is competitive. If you are selected to participate, Alliance Defending Freedom will underwrite the cost of your airfare, lodging, materials, and most meals. Your completed application must be submitted by July 28, 2017.

Begin Application

You can download the application form HERE. Please completely fill out the application, sign it, save it, and email it to Holly Galloway at

Along with the application form, please submit the following:

  1. A current resume or CV
  2. A recent headshot of yourself. Please provide a high-resolution digital photograph in professional or semi-professional attire. This photo must be a high-resolution headshot at 300 dpi (675px by 750px).
  3. If you are NOT a current Blackstone Fellow or Allied Attorney, please submit two letters of recommendation along with your application. Recommendations (from non-family members) must include one from your priest, pastor, or other minister; and from one of the following: (1) a fellow bar member; (2) a former or current client; (3) a member of the judiciary; (4) an executive director or equivalent of a state family policy council; or (5) an Alliance Defending Freedom Allied Attorney. Recommendations must be in writing. Emails are acceptable and may be sent directly to

Please note: Your application is not complete until all of the above items have been submitted.

Please email your completed and signed application along with your resume and photo to Holly Galloway at

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Holly Galloway
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Event Dates: September 10-14, 2017

Event Location: Cancun, Mexico

Application Deadline: July 28, 2017

Decision Date: August 1, 2017