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ADF report: Planned Parenthood’s years-long pattern of ignoring child sexual abuse, enabling predators

This report compiles history of performing abortions on minors raped by adult male predators, failing to report to authorities.

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Arkansas governor pulls tax dollars from Planned Parenthood’s baby parts sales scheme

ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox: “American tax dollars should not be used to subsidize billion-dollar corporations that inhumanely and illegally sell baby body parts. Tax dollars that went to two Planned Parenthood clinics in Arkansas will be better used by the 179 community health centers and other clinics that actually provide comprehensive health care. We commend the governor and hope other states will follow his example.”

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Court halts Baltimore City Council’s harassing subpoena of pro-life pregnancy centers

A federal court upheld a district court’s decision that three pro-life organizations, not located in Maryland, cannot be required to produce thousands of pages of files by the Baltimore City Council in a lawsuit in which they have no involvement. In December 2014, a judge ruled the city’s requests were “grossly excessive.”

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