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Related Case: The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford v. Rauner

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Matt Bowman regarding a state court’s decision Tuesday to grant Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford a preliminary injunction against a new law that forces its doctors and healthcare professionals to make or aid in abortion referrals.

“Forcing pro-life doctors and pregnancy care centers in Illinois to operate as referral agents for the abortion industry in violation of their freedom of conscience is unconstitutional, illegal, and unethical. No state has the authority to compel health professionals, against their will and their sacred oath to “do no harm,” to promote abortion. We commend the court’s ruling which is a victory for free speech and the freedom of conscience.”

In its nineteen-page order issued Tuesday, the state court noted that Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford raised sufficient questions as to whether the new law is either legal or constitutional as applied to pro-life doctors and pregnancy care centers. For example, the ruling states: 

"Why must the State, which licenses and regulates those who provide the objected-to services, rely on the very people who object to the services to be the source of information about them?"

  • Order of the state court granting preliminary injunction
  • Media Advisory: Will Illinois health providers be forced to promote abortion?
  • Pronunciation guide: Bowman (BOH’-min)

Mauck & Baker LLC attorney Noel Sterett, one of more than 3,100 private attorneys allied with ADF, is co-counsel in the case.

 Alliance Defending Freedom is an alliance-building, non-profit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith.

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