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Dec 29, 2008

David French: Georgia Tech's Long, Winding Road of Deceit and Defeat

ADF attorney David French writes on National Review's Phi Beta Cons Blog:

In March 2006 two brave Georgia Tech students, Orit Sklar and Ruth Malhotra, launched a challenge to several unconstitutional policies at the school. These policies included a speech code, a restrictive speech zone, discriminatory student-fee regulations, and a program of state religious indoctrination called "Safe Space" that explicitly compared those who have traditional views of sexual morality to slaveowners . . .

On December 23, the court put an exclamation point on its previous rulings by awarding Ruth and Orit $203,734.14 in attorneys' fees and expenses . . .

In a time of economic trouble, it is shameful to see universities spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in futile quests to defend blatantly unconstitutional policies. Do the people of Georgia really want to pay for oppression and double standards?

This litigation should present a cautionary tale for other universities. Defending speech codes will be costly, and it will be costly during a time of (justifiably) increased scrutiny of public expenses . . .

ADF Center for Academy Freedom

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