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Join the Alliance Defending Freedom Church Alliance to prepare your church and all churches for the legal landscape ahead.

Churches in America face legal challenges that were unimaginable even a few years ago. Today, it is not a question of if churches will be threatened or sued for standing true to God’s Word – the question is when and where such cases will arise.

  • Activist groups have published plans to sue any church that declines to offer its facilities for same-sex weddings.

  • States have attempted to mandate that church facilities be used in ways that violate churches’ religious beliefs on human sexuality.

  • One state attempted to intrude into the pulpit, dictating what a pastor could preach about human sexuality.

The Church Alliance is a response to these and many other challenges to the Church. Through the Church Alliance, ADF engages, empowers, and protects churches in the context of their ministry.

From the details of the law to the most critical cases of the day, we are serving churches across the country. For the good of the Church, for the good of religious freedom, and for the good of the Gospel.


As a Church Alliance member, you will receive:

  • A religious liberty audit, including an expert legal review of church bylaws and policies that relate to protecting your church’s religious liberty.
  • Direct access to attorneys to answer your questions about protecting your church’s religious liberty
  • Consultation for legal issues involving your church’s religious liberty (prior to litigation)
  • Legal representation in cases involving your church’s religious liberty
  • Specialized resources such as webinars and newsletters tailored to protecting the religious liberty of your church and all churches

Frequently asked questions

A.   Membership to the Church Alliance is an annual commitment. We offer pricing that is affordable and allows your church – no matter its size – to become a member of this religious freedom alliance. Pricing is based on average attendance and whether payment is made monthly or up front at a discounted rate. The cost for each church is as follows.

A.  The Alliance Defending Freedom Church Alliance is an alliance of churches dedicated to preserving religious freedom for the Church. This alliance is made up of churches of all sizes and Christian denominations. The Church Alliance engages, empowers, and protects the Church to keep the legal doors open for the Gospel. We provide expert legal advice on religious liberty matters, advocate for the religious liberty of churches in the culture and at all levels of the courts, provide resources to churches to ensure proper religious liberty protections are in place, and when necessary, litigate on behalf of churches to preserve and defend religious liberty.
A.   Apply online by following this link. Or, download and print an application here for mailing. You can also request an application by calling 1-833-233-2559.
A.   The legal help that Alliance Defending Freedom provides to Church Alliance members ranges from legal advice to full representation in court. ADF will typically represent Church Alliance members in all litigation related to protecting the religious liberty of the church. However, ADF cannot guarantee legal representation in every situation and does not provide casualty payments for a lawsuit.

  • Alliance Defending Freedom will perform a religious liberty audit, upon request, for all member churches. This audit includes a legal review of church bylaws and policies that relate to protecting the church’s religious liberty.
  • We answer and advise Church Alliance members regarding legal questions related to religious liberty. Whether your church needs help navigating laws relating to employment, land use, tax exemption, church member discipline/removal, requests to use church facilities, and more, we are here to help.
  • We correspond on your behalf with government officials – or others who are challenging your constitutional rights – on matters relating to your religious liberty.
  • We offer direct access to attorneys to answer your questions about protecting the church’s religious liberty.
  • Alliance Defending Freedom responds with advice and correspondence that prevents many situations from becoming cases that end up in court. Churches may consider it unlikely that they will end up in court, but recent cultural developments have displayed a need for the increase in vigilance related to religious liberty legal matters. When a church goes to court for a religious liberty issue, what happens to that church affects all churches.
Any legal representation undertaken by ADF is without cost to Church Alliance members.
View our frequently asked questions here.

Activate your membership to the Church Alliance

  • Is your church ready for these changes in our culture?
  • Has a religious liberty expert reviewed your church’s organizational documents?
  • In a threat to your church’s religious freedom, do you know an experienced lawyer to call?

We want your answers to these questions to be “yes.” Activate your membership today and ensure that your church is protected and prepared for the legal landscape ahead.

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