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Religious Freedom

This Supreme Court Case on Foster Care Could Have Big Implications for 3 ADF Cases

Please join us in praying for this case being argued before the U.S. Supreme Court next week.

Great News! Student Supreme Court Orders Jack Denton Reinstated as Student Senate President

University officials have a duty to uphold the Constitution on campus. But that is clearly not what happened at Florida State.

The Newly Confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett Will Hear an ADF Case Later This Term

In early 2021, ADF will be arguing before the Court on behalf of Chike Uzuegbunam, a former Georgia Gwinnett College student who was kept from sharing his faith with his fellow students—twice.

Christian Animator’s Business Destroyed by Ideological Blacklisting

The answer to disagreement on issues of conscience is civil discourse, not publishing a polarizing document aimed at personally attacking those with whom you disagree.

Big Win! This Wedding Officiant Won’t Be Forced to Perform Ceremonies Against Her Beliefs

Fortunately, Kristi still has the freedom to participate in the ceremonies she chooses, proclaim the messages she agrees with, and practice the beliefs she holds most dear.  

What Happened to the First Amendment During COVID-19?

The First Amendment protects our freedom to peacefully practice the religion we choose. But when COVID-19 hit the United States and lockdowns began, some government officials seemed to forget this.

Why I’m Participating in Selina’s Run

If we are silent, it is women and girls that will suffer—relegated to the sidelines of their own sports.