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News You Should Know: Study Linking Gender Confusion and Peer Pressure Scrubbed, Plus More

By Michael Farris, Jr. posted on:
August 31, 2018

Back to school is here! For some students, like those at College of Charleston in South Carolina, their fight for school approve to form a political group is just beginning. Also, an Army Chaplain is vindicated, a study from Brown University is removed after outcry from progressives, and you won’t believe the connection between Planned Parenthood and the judge putting a gag order on the videos showing the group’s illegal conduct. All this and more from the Alliance Alert team!

ADF in the News

The Daily Wire: POTTS: Whittling Away At Constitutional Freedoms Over At College Of Charleston

Students at College of Charleston in South Carolina wanted to create a group that educated other students on South Carolina politics. They were turned down by the student government and administration. Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Creative Writer and Editor Chris Potts exposes the hypocrisy and unconstitutionality of the college’s actions.

Religious Freedom

IJR: Army Dismisses Claim Chaplain Was Derelict in Duty After Refusing to Serve Same-Sex Couple at Marriage Retreat

An Army chaplain has been absolved of any wrongdoing after the U.S. Army dismissed a complaint that he had discriminated against a same-sex couple. The chaplain backed out of a military-sponsored marriage retreat when he learned a same-sex couple would be in attendance, and he was subsequently charged with "dereliction of duty" by an investigator. The Army disagreed.

Marriage and the Family

The Daily Wire: A Brown University Researcher Released A Study About Teens Imitating Their Peers By Turning Trans. The Left Went Insane. So Brown Caved.

Brown University published a study about the effects of peer pressure and rapid-onset gender dysphoria. At one point, the study says that accepting gender ideology is akin to other coping mechanisms plaguing teenagers like drugs, alcohol, and self-harm. After an uproar, the university quickly scrubbed the study and issued an apology.

Sanctity of Life

The Daily Caller: A Judge Who Founded a PP Clinic Is Now Preventing More Videos to be Released

The Center for Medical Progress gained national attention in 2015 when it released videos exposing illegal and disturbing practices at Planned Parenthood clinics. Now, a judge is blocking David Daleiden's group from releasing more videos. Curiously, this judge also helped start a local Planned Parenthood clinic.

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Michael Farris, Jr.

Michael Farris, Jr.

Legal Content Manager

Michael Farris, Jr., serves as Legal Content Manager for Alliance Defending Freedom and is a Virginia-born Idaho convert.


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