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Even ISIS Couldn’t Destroy These Survivors’ Faith

The faith of Iraqi Christians is not easily extinguished, as ADF International attorneys discovered during their fact-finding visit to Erbil, Qaraqosh, and surrounding Iraqi villages in 2016.

Fresno State Prof Who Erased Pro-Life Chalk Messages Gets Lesson on the First Amendment

Back in May, Gregory Thatcher, a public health professor, took it upon himself to censor speech at Fresno State University in California.

For Chief Cochran, His Faith Is More Important than His Dream Career

Chief Cochran was fired for his faith, even though he has a record of excellence as a firefighter. ADF is challenging the City of Atlanta's actions in court tomorrow.

What If Jack Wins His Case at the Supreme Court?

Freedom for Jack means freedom for us all.

If the Goal Is to “Live and Let Live,” SCOTUS Should Uphold This Mississippi Law

Mississippi's religious freedom law protects citizens from government discrimination based on their beliefs.

Is This Land for Churches?

Land-use disputes have been used as a cover to discriminate against religious groups – and particularly churches.

Christian School to Court: Let Us Use the Building We Purchased

When Tree of Life Christian School applied for a zoning permit for a new building it had found, the city of Upper Arlington, Ohio turned it down.