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Meet the Church Whose Small Signs Led to a Big Case at the Supreme Court

By Eric Porteous posted on:
October 17, 2017

When Irl Noble’s husband passed away in 2008, after having gone to church all her life, she struggled to attend without him. But she found comfort and community at Good News Presbyterian Church, a church she found not through a website, but through its signs.

Watch as Irl shares her story about how this church has been a blessing to her, especially during her time of need.

“It would be a real loss not to be able to go to church ... It would be like losing most of myself,” says Irl.

Unfortunately, the Town of Gilbert’s sign code severely restricts signs inviting people like Irl, to a church’s services. Under the code, political signs can be up to 32 square feet and displayed for almost 5 months, but church signs can only be 6 feet and displayed for a mere 12 hours prior to the service and 1 hour afterwards.

Like any pastor, Clyde Reed wants to spend time after the service ministering to his congregation. But if he doesn’t take down his signs within an hour, this 82-year-old man could face fines and even be sent to jail. That would be a shame for people like Irl who see not just a sign, but a memory, an invitation, and a light to their world.

Take Action:

Reed v. Town of Gilbert is a crucial case at the Supreme Court affecting free speech across the U.S. You can learn more here.

Stand up for #FreeSpeech and spread the word about this case to your friends, family, and followers on social media.


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