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Farm Owners Fined for their Faith

When two women inquired about renting their home property for a same-sex wedding ceremony, the Giffords politely declined. The women were welcome on the property on public event days as anyone would be, but the Giffords had religious convictions about the definition of marriage.

Marriage In America: Working With Allies To Wed Ideas To Action

Realization is setting in, and one indication of how earnestly many Christian leaders are working to bring information to people of faith on this issue is the national conference being hosted this month by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention.

3 Truths About Marriage That Courts Can't Change

But amidst the challenge of the day, for those of us who believe in marriage, there are some truths about man woman marriage that no one can change.

4 Reasons Government Shouldn't Force These Farmers to Violate Their Faith

When Cynthia’s phone rang that September evening in 2012, she was prepared for a usual inquiry about using the farm for a wedding ceremony. Nothing could have prepared her for what ultimately followed: a demand from the state that they violate their faith to host a same-sex ceremony in their own home.

Kentucky Print Shop Owner Fights Compelled Speech and Reeducation Order

If this story sounds familiar, it's probably because stories like Blaine's are becoming more and more common. Here's how they tend to go...

On A-Rod and Florists

Apologies are a good thing, and if heartfelt they can get one back on track. But a Washington florist offered the chance for an apology and a minor fine to avoid the ongoing heat (and financial ruin), replied “Thanks, but no thanks.”

ADF Attorneys Secure Renewed Protections For Believers Abroad

We've been blessed with encouraging wins in courts overseas – wins that have great potential to influence U.S. jurists, protect religious liberty and national sovereignty, and perhaps even favorably impact similar cases in our own country in the years ahead.