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The SPLC Is Not Just Trying to Silence ADF – It’s Trying to Silence You

The Southern Poverty Law Center labels ADF as a “hate group” for holding beliefs shared by millions of Christians across the world. That doesn't just impact us. It impacts you.

Should We Follow Europe’s Example and Outlaw Hate Speech? A European Weighs In

Is Europe’s approach to speech really the answer? ADF International Executive Director Paul Coleman participated in a Heritage Foundation panel to answer this question.

The Cost of Government Hostility toward Chick-fil-A’s Beliefs

The government cannot exclude Chick-fil-A from a government contract simply because it doesn’t like the religious beliefs of its owner.

On Independence Day, a Look at 4 Americans Standing up for Freedom

These 4 brave citizens are continuing the American tradition of fighting for freedom.

3 Fathers Making a Difference for Freedom

Each of these fathers know if they don’t defend these freedoms now, their children’s freedom will be threatened in the future.