Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys represent a Christian preschool excluded from a Missouri program that provides recycled tires for children’s playgrounds. (7/20/2020)


Defend Free Speech on Campus - Donate

Public universities are bound by the First Amendment. University officials cannot punish students for their faith, silence their speech, or censor their points of view. (10/23/2020)


Blackstone Legal Fellowship

Blackstone gives future Christian leaders the education and tools they need to defend your constitutional freedoms—whether it be in the courtroom, in the halls of government, or in other leadership positions. (10/13/2020)


Defending Christian Taxpayers and the Religious Freedom of Families

This week’s deadline for filing your 2012 U.S. income taxes is a good reminder that many organizations you care about depend on Alliance Defending Freedom to defend their tax credits and tax-exempt status. (4/19/2020)