Client Story

Katie Ayers

It is the essence of the New Testament, from Jesus’ first words to His first disciples, to the closing lines of Revelation: an invitation to come. Nothing forced, nothing rushed, no pressure… just a gracious extension of earthly hospitality, rife with eternal implications. (4/19/2020)


Do You Believe? What Will You Do About It?

At some point, we’ll all face this question about our faith: Do we really believe? And if our faith is real, what are we willing to do about it? (4/19/2020)





6 Questions with Vice President Mike Pence on Life, Freedom, and Faith

Vice President Mike Pence took some time with the ADF team this morning to share some words of encouragement. Here's what he had to say. (4/20/2020)


What Is Cancel Culture and What Does It Have to Do with the SPLC?

The answer to our problems is not to silence others’ speech. The answer is more speech. (4/20/2020)