Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys represent a Christian preschool excluded from a Missouri program that provides recycled tires for children’s playgrounds. (7/20/2020)


4 Threats to Your Religious Freedom and What You Can Do About It

These threats seek to delegitimize Christian and conservative voices. (4/20/2020)


The Bracket of Shame

ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox picks an NCAA Tournament bracket as if the schools with the worst free speech records advanced. (4/20/2020)


5 Tips for Discussing Controversial Topics During Thanksgiving

If you want to be prepared to have a conversation about a controversial topic with someone who disagrees with you, then you might find these tips helpful. (4/20/2020)


4 Ways You Can Ensure That Christ is Kept in Christmas

The “signs of the season” are predictable welcome as we look forward to celebrating Christmas. Yet one of the “signs of the season” that has become just as predictable, but certainly less welcome, are the battles over Christmas celebration in the public square. But virtually none of these battles have to end by capitulating to the demands of those who claim celebrating Christmas is unconstitutional. (4/19/2020)


News You Should Know: How to Find Out If You're Paying for Abortions Through Obamacare, and More

The four stories that caught our attention this week: 1. Abortion Mandate Win for the Bracy Family. Barth and Abbie Bracy had insurance through a private insurer until Obamacare forced the company to cancel the policy. The Bracys were forced to join the Connecticut Obamacare exchange, where they discovered that every plan offered included a mandatory surcharge that can only be used to fund elective abortions. (4/19/2020)


How You Can Pray for the Harris Funeral Homes Supreme Court Case

In these short videos, Tom, his wife Nancy, and John describe some ways that you can pray as the October 8 court date draws near. (4/20/2020)