Jonathan Scruggs

Jonathan Scruggs serves as senior counsel and director of the Center for Conscience Initiatives with Alliance Defending Freedom. (4/19/2020)


Brush & Nib Studio v. City of Phoenix

State high court says Phoenix can’t violate artists’ freedom of speech, religion (5/29/2020)


Dumont v. Lyon

Michigan legislators seek to keep children first in adoption, foster care (6/2/2020)


Genesis Feliciano/MTS Minnesota Connections Academy

Minn. high school allows student to quote Bible verses in graduation speech (6/2/2020)


City of Akron/Jason Robinson

ADF letter sparks City of Akron to allow Christian man, his family to share faith on public sidewalks during fireworks display at public park (6/2/2020)


Gilles v. Hodge

ADF attorneys obtain settlement on behalf of Christian man threatened with arrest for sharing faith on campus (5/29/2020)


City of Atlantic City/Pat Donlevy

ADF letter prompts city to change ordinance that requires permit to engage in free speech (6/2/2020)


Morrell v. City of Hartford

Christian man had been arrested, jailed under ‘breach of peace’ statute after preaching on public way (5/29/2020)


Sonnier v. Crain

Southeastern Louisiana University has enforced a permit requirement and two-hours-per-week “free speech” policy against an outside Christian speaker (6/2/2020)


Patrick Racaniello/Township of Livingston

ADF attorneys send letter urging mayor to discontinue enforcement of legally problematic ordinance (6/2/2020)


Chelsey Nelson Photography v. Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government

Lawsuit challenges Louisville law forcing photographer to photograph, write in favor of same-sex weddings (5/29/2020)


ADF Attorney Jonathan Scruggs on the Blackstone Legal Fellowship

"Blackstone encouraged me to believe that my passion for my faith and my passion for law could be united and didn’t have to be in tension." (4/24/2020)


Amy Lynn Photography Studio v. City of Madison

Madison & Wisconsin laws compel photographer to take photographs and write blog posts promoting same-sex marriage & pro-abortion groups and to publish those photographs and posts on the internet. (5/29/2020)