Client Story

Dr. Mike Adams

In 1993, Dr. Mike Adams, a self-declared atheist and liberal, began working at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNCW). (4/19/2020)


Adams v. Trustees of the University of North Carolina-Wilmington

UNC-Wilmington refuses to promote an accomplished professor simply because it disagreed with his religious and political views. (7/23/2020)


Mike Adams Wins His Day in Court

After over six years of litigation, Mike Adams has won the right to present his retaliation case to a jury of his peers. (7/23/2020)


Adams on Adams: The First Amendment Returns to Campus

Back in March of 2010, a federal district court judge in North Carolina ruled that Professor Mike Adams' columns at were not protected by the First Amendment. (7/23/2020)


Adams, Academia, and Accountability

Dr. Donald Downs highlights the importance of Dr. Mike Adams’ lawsuit against the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. (7/23/2020)


Adams Appeals & Wins Some Friends

Back in March, a federal district court in North Carolina ruled that Dr. Mike Adams’ nationally syndicated columns were not protected by the First Amendment. (7/23/2020)

Press Release

ADF sues UNC-Wilmington on behalf of conservative pundit and professor Mike Adams

Adams denied promotion because of religious beliefs and conservative political viewpoint (5/1/2020)


A Reason for Hope

Can you imagine getting an “F” on a paper because you had a conversation with a friend about the true meaning of Easter and the hope we now have because of His great gift to us? (7/23/2020)


Freedom Matters Podcast: Defending Life in Congress and on College Campuses

This week on Freedom Matters, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, R-MO, and Dr. Mike Adams join the show. (8/3/2020)


California State University-San Marcos Turned Down the Wrong Speaker

When Cal State-San Marcos denied a funding request from Students for Life president Nathan Apodaca, he was understandably upset. (7/23/2020)

Press Release

Final victory: UNCW won’t appeal ruling in favor of professor denied promotion for his views

University agrees to drop appeal, promote Dr. Mike Adams, pay $665,000 in back-pay, attorneys’ fees (5/1/2020)


Crying Wolf Over Faculty Speech

Both Inside Higher Ed and Minding the Campus highlight the latest example of academia serving as a network of leftist think tanks. (4/19/2020)


How One College Student Exposed His School’s Misuse of Millions in Student Fees

When one student group requested a grant from the student activity fund in order to host a speaker, they were turned down. This struck one student as odd. (7/23/2020)