Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys represent a Christian preschool excluded from a Missouri program that provides recycled tires for children’s playgrounds. (5/29/2020)

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Broad support against religious discrimination filed with US Supreme Court

High court receives briefs in favor of Ohio Christian school prevented by govt from educating in its own building (4/19/2020)


Deluge of Amicus Briefs: 14 State Attorneys General Agree that Christian Students Should Not be Forced to Deny Their Faith

Yesterday, a deluge of amicus (friend of the court) briefs supporting the Christian Legal Society were filed at the Supreme Court. (4/19/2020)


Defending Churches: ADF Challenges Government Assaults on Religious Freedom

The timing of this growing awareness and activism couldn’t be more crucial, as church leaders all over America are facing the challenges of a political, cultural, and legal climate increasingly hostile to people of faith. (4/19/2020)


The Bracket of Shame

ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox picks an NCAA Tournament bracket as if the schools with the worst free speech records advanced. (4/20/2020)

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Broad support for overturning Ariz. town's targeted speech restrictions

Briefs at US Supreme Court address wide-ranging reasons speech of churches shouldn’t be singled out for discrimination (4/19/2020)

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Washington Supreme Court will hear case over floral artist’s freedom

Barronelle Stutzman, the sole owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Wash., has for her entire career served and employed people who identify as homosexual. Despite this, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Washington attorney general allege that she is guilty of unlawful discrimination because she acted consistent with her faith and declined to use her creative skills to beautify the same-sex ceremony of a long-time customer, Robert Ingersoll, and another man, Curt Freed. (4/30/2020)