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Florida State University student Jack Denton
Why This Student Was Canceled for a Catholic Message
It has been said that difficult circumstances don’t create character but reveal it. That is certainly true of Jack Denton, a senior at Florida State University.  More
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Our liberty and happiness here in America depend upon maintaining a culture in which freedom and civility coexist—where people can disagree passionately, yet treat each other as fellow citizens and not mortal enemies.

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Activists continue to oppose efforts to protect #FairPlay at every turn. If they get their way, female athletes will soon end up on the sidelines, mere spectators of their own sports. 

Our government needs to know that you support protecting female athletes from being forced to compete against biological males. The future of these young women—girls like your daughters and granddaughters—is at stake.

You can make your voice heard. Sign the petition today to encourage elected officials to safeguard the athletic and academic futures of young women across the country. 

1. I am standing with all female student athletes nationwide.

2. I am asking elected officials to provide clear guidelines that “sex” does not include “gender identity” in female athletics.

3. I am asking Congress to support legislation that protects female athletes.