Campaign"Will you take a stand and say, 'Enough is enough'?"

America was founded upon the God-given right of religious freedom. It’s even guaranteed by our Constitution. Religious persecution surely could never happen here!

Or could it?

Something huge has changed in the last few years. We can no longer take religious freedom for granted. The undeniable truth is that the targeting of Christians is happening right here in America.

That’s why it’s so critical to stand with Alliance Defending Freedom with your prayers and financial support today.

Alan Sears is calling on Americans to stand against religious presecution.

Religious freedom is under fire

All across the “land of the free,” religious freedom is being denied:

  • In Idaho, ordained ministers Don and Lynn Knapp were threatened by the City of Coeur d’Alene with fines and jail time for declining to officiate same-sex weddings at their wedding chapel.
  • After cake artist Jack Phillips politely declined a same-sex couple’s request to design a cake to celebrate their wedding, a Colorado civil rights commissioner stated at a hearing in his case that religious freedom is a “despicable piece of rhetoric” that slave owners, Nazis, and Jack used “to hurt others.” He was also ordered to stop “discriminating,” “reeducate” his staff, and file quarterly compliance reports.
  • Five pastors in Houston, Texas, had their sermons and personal communications with churchgoers subpoenaed as part of a campaign by the mayor to silence them on important moral issues.
  • The State of California has ordered pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion, and to refer women for abortions, under threat of crippling fines.

These attacks are disturbing. But Alliance Defending Freedom was founded for such a time as this. For 22 years, we’ve taken on powerful opponents like the ACLU. And the government, too, when it denies religious freedom.

Thanks be to God, we’ve proved we’re effective — winning nearly 80% of our cases and playing important roles in 56 victories at the U.S. Supreme Court!

But your help today is also critical. Because the damage to religious freedom continues to grow.

Not isolated examples

Attacks on religious freedom continue, and are accelerating:

  • Federal officials are using Obamacare to threaten Christian-owned businesses, Christian ministries, and even ordinary families with massive fines for refusing to purchase or provide health insurance that pays for drugs or procedures that prevent life or induce abortion.
  • Students have been told by school administrators that they may not meet to pray or talk about God during their free time at school.
  • In upstate New York, the Christian owners of a farm who coordinate weddings and host other events on their property were brought before the state’s Division of Human Rights. Their crime? They declined to coordinate a same-sex wedding in their own backyard due to their deeply held conviction that marriage is the sacred union of a man and a woman.

What these attacks all have in common is a deep hostility toward people of faith and the values we embrace. They can’t simply be ignored. They won’t go away.

God’s people must make a strong stand against those who are testing the waters and laying the groundwork for even more severe restrictions on religious freedom.

The groundwork for greater targeting of Christians is being laid

We did not get to where we are today by accident. One by one, our individual freedoms have been eroding. It started with complaints about government acknowledgment of our religious heritage. The Bible and prayer were removed from schools. Displays of the Ten Commandments were removed from public places. Nativity scenes were deemed illegal in the public square. 

But it didn’t stop there.

One day, the Supreme Court ignored the inherent right to life for unborn babies and mandated that mothers in all states must be “free” to kill the children in their wombs. Then, Christians in healthcare professions began to be compelled to take innocent lives, against their conscience.

And of course, just this past year, it imposed same-sex marriage nationwide. Many who provide wedding services have been mandated to participate in same-sex ceremonies against the dictates of their conscience.

More … and worse … could be coming. But there is also genuine hope.

With God’s grace, and enabled by your generous support, Alliance Defending Freedom and our allies have become a major force in the legal battle for religious freedom.

Alliance Defending Freedom was created for such a time as this

In the next 30 days, we need to raise $2.9 million, so we can take new cases and help win current ones in which the religious freedom of churches, business owners, students, and individuals just like you is in jeopardy.

We can win - if we stand together

With God’s blessing, and when you stand with Alliance Defending Freedom with your prayers and financial gifts, we can fight, and we can win!

But without your support, we can’t even show up for the legal fight. And today, we face a culture increasingly hostile to the Christian faith. 

If we do nothing, it will only get worse. So please, help support a strong and winning defense of religious freedom with your tax-deductible gift today. Thank you!