WE WILL NOT BE SILENCEDChristians are being punished for living out their faith

An elitist culture increasingly demands that all who disagree with them must be coerced into submission and silence. What we — especially Christians who hold to biblical teaching — are facing now is intimidation.

History reveals an important lesson: oppressors demand silence. Those who oppose the very concept of freedom want to silence dissent. Even worse, tyrants demand that we consent to ideas that we do not believe.

Can freedom survive in this atmosphere of coercion? Absolutely not. And that is why we must stand for freedom — especially when we consider what is happening in this country.

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No one should be forced to choose between their faith and their business. But that is exactly what the State of Washington demanded of the Stormans family.

If the government can silence the Stormans, who will be next?

The Stormans family in Olympia, Washington, have owned and operated a pharmacy for generations. They have longstanding pro-life views.

The State of Washington’s rules forced this family to stock and dispense abortion-inducing drugs contrary to their religious beliefs. It did this instead of allowing the Stormans to refer customers seeking those drugs to other pharmacies.

The Stormans family wanted to live out their pro-life views by ensuring that they did not help one of their customers take an innocent life. It’s wrong for a coercive state government to force its citizens to destroy human life and silence the message that all life matters.

But only one view is permitted. Dissent is not allowed.

This is the kind of coercion that ADF was created to resist. To make your voice heard and defend freedom, please give generously now.

States like California, New Jersey, and Nevada have passed laws preventing parents and counselors from helping children who are struggling to accept their biological sex.

States clamp down on Christian parents and counselors

Christian parents — and many other parents — face situations where their children are confused about their sex, whether they are male or female.

But States like California, New Jersey, and Nevada have passed laws silencing parents and counselors who want to help children who are struggling to accept their biological sex.

There’s no shortage of adults ready to help a child “change” their sex. But if you agree with God and science that we are made male or female, you will be silenced. With your help, we will continue to resist these tactics.

College officials silence the Gospel

A Christian student at Georgia Gwinnett College was stopped from preaching the Gospel. When he tried to distribute tracts on campus, college officials stopped him because it was not inside one of the school’s two tiny speech zones. Then, when he complied with this unconstitutional requirement, the college still silenced him because administrators received complaints about his preaching.

We know that when we fight back, we can win. ADF has been very successful defending religious freedom and free speech on university campuses.

We come alongside students to defend them at no cost to them. We’re fighting not just for them, but also for your right to live and work freely, consistent with your faith.

With your help, we can win!
ADF is defending Michigan farmer Steve Tennes, who was banned from the East Lansing farmer’s market for his views on marriage.

Farmer banned from farmer’s market for his beliefs

Farmer Steve Tennes and his family, who live near East Lansing, Michigan, posted their Christian belief that marriage is between a man and a woman on their Facebook page.

City officials spotted that Facebook post and used a new city policy to block this family farm from selling its organic apples and other produce at the local farmer’s market. Because the members of the Tennes family hold a view of marriage the city dislikes, they are being punished.

The lesson? If you disagree with the officials in East Lansing, you will be silenced.

Christians like Steve Tennes and his family must be defended. Will you give to make it possible?

We will not be silenced: Here’s what you can do!

We must take action. If we don’t stand now, more believers could face unjust punishment and lose their jobs, businesses, professional licenses, and freedom. All for simply expressing their faith.

The majority of our cases at Alliance Defending Freedom are instigated by government agents and their elitist allies. They believe that their views are the only ones that can be publicly expressed.

Unlike these elites, who seek to silence their opponents, Alliance Defending Freedom advocates for the freedom of both sides to speak and express their viewpoints.

What these government agents do goes far beyond political correctness. This kind of coercion can only be called by its right name — tyranny.

America cannot be a free country if there is no longer freedom to speak and act according to our conscience — which in our case, is according to the motivations arising from our Christian faith.

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