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In the early days of Christianity, the Roman government demanded that its citizens publicly offer a “pinch of incense” to declare Caesar as Lord and God.

But the Founders of our nation envisioned a new kind of public square in which the rights of the people to abide by their consciences would be protected by law. And no one would be forced to offer a “pinch of incense.”

But today, this vision is in jeopardy.

Across America, many seek to drastically reshape society by abolishing freedom, crushing conscience, and silencing speech.

But because you drew a line today, because you took a stand for religious freedom, Alliance Defending Freedom can fight back. And when we do, we’re winning nearly 80 percent of all cases, including 11 victories at the U.S. Supreme Court since 2011. Thanks be to God! (John 15:5).

Thank you again for your faithful support. Together, we can protect religious freedom in America and ensure than anyone who takes a stand for faith and freedom never has to stand alone.