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The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Dale Schowengerdt regarding the answer Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed Monday to the ACLU lawsuit filed against Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman in Ingersoll v. Arlene’s Flowers:


“Numerous florists are willing to assist in same-sex ceremonies, so the ACLU has no reason to try to force this florist to violate her deeply held beliefs. Arlene’s Flowers has both served and employed people who identify as homosexual. Barronelle Stutzman’s only desire is that she not be forced to violate her faith when it comes to her beliefs about marriage. Family business owners are constitutionally guaranteed the freedom to live and work according to their beliefs.”

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Alliance Defending Freedom is an alliance-building, non-profit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith.
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