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Updates: Volume VIII, Issue 3
Man of the Hours (Vol. II, Iss. 2)

Since attending the very first session of the Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Academy in 1997, Allied Attorney Kevin Clarkson has provided more than 10,000 hours of pro bono / dedicated service to people of faith across America—the equivalent of nearly five years of legal assistance, offered at no cost to clients mired in conflicts related to life, family, and religious freedom.

Across these 18 years, “Kevin has been the epitome of faithfulness, servanthood, and gratitude,” said ADF President Alan Sears, in presenting Clarkson with the ministry’s Gold Service Award on July 8, during this year’s ADF Legal Academy.

Clarkson is one of more than 2,600 Allied Attorneys in the ADF alliance, who together have donated nearly $190 million worth of free legal service to people of faith in all 50 states and around the globe.

Same Message, New Opportunities (Vol. VII, Iss. 1)

On July 14, Alliance Defending Freedom launched its new website: ADFlegal.org, designed, says ADF Vice President for Digital Communications Joshua Tijerina, to “create a forward-looking platform to connect people with relevant and timely information and action items that empower them to impact the issues we all care most about: life, family, and religious freedom.

“Crafting an online web experience is about more than just elegant design and innovative technology,” Tijerina says. “It demands that we create something with the power to change lives. Our goal is to change the world by building a website where people connect with the vision of ADF, engage with transformational content, and return to a timeless experience every time they visit.”

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