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Updates: Volume III, Issue 1
As Truth&Triumph continues to profile Christians whose stands for religious liberty are transforming the legal landscape of America, we want to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with those whose stories we’ve shared in past issues:

The Bronx Household of Faith finally got its long-awaited day in court (“House of Hope,” Volume II, Issue 2) on October 6.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit heard arguments from Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence that the federal district court’s November 2007 permanent injunction allowing churches to rent public school buildings on the same terms and conditions as all other groups should stand.

“Churches shouldn’t be discriminated against simply because they want to rent a public building to hold a worship service,” said Lorence.  “The New York City Board of Education has continued to deny churches this right even though the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that the government must allow religious groups to have the same access that other groups have.”  A response from the court could come at any time.  

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. (“Why Pastors Must Take A Stand,” Volume II, Issue 1) is among the seven clients that ADF is representing in a suit against the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics for precluding the right of local citizens to vote for or against the definition of marriage.  The board is attempting to block a citizen initiative that would let voters either uphold or reject the longstanding definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Jackson is senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland, and leader of the Marriage Initiative of 2009 effort, which wants to put the voter referendum on the ballot.

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