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Updates: Volume II, Issue 1

Over the past year, Truth &Triumph has featured several individuals whose stands for religious liberty have put them on a collision course with the leftist agenda. We thought you might be interested in what has happened to some of them in the days since:

Dieter and Regina Bayer (A Winding Trail To The Manger, Summer 2008)

The manger Dieter created for the state capitol building in Olympia, Washington, was at the center of a major political dust-up in December, when atheists demanded the right to post their own seasonal display in the capitol, drawing a firestorm of protest from local Christians and even Bill O’Reilly, of FOX News.  ADF believes that all citizens should be able to exercise their free speech rights, confident that the Truth of the Gospel story can hold its own against the shallow proclamations of atheists.


Emily Brooker (A Time To Stand, Spring 2008)

Emily stood up to Missouri State University officials when they threatened to withhold her degree after she politely declined to join a class project to lobby the state legislature for same-sex adoptions. Along with a substantial out-of-court settlement, she has reaped another benefit from her association with ADF: true love.

Fellow ADF client Ruth Mahotra (Going Legal, Spring 2008) introduced Emily to Atlanta accountant Drew Landis at an ADF event. Landis, who had read Emily’s story in Truth &Triumph, set to courtin’, and plans are underway for a spring wedding.

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