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Planned Parenthood's Deception of the American Public

If you saw an opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of lives a year – every year – just by exposing the alleged crimes of one huge international corporation … would you take it? So would the attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom. That’s why we are compelled to expose the truth about Planned Parenthood.

"Our objective is to drive Planned Parenthood out of the abortion business," says Steve Aden, Senior Counsel and head of Alliance Defending Freedom’s Center for Life, "by causing them to lose public funding and public support. As we reduce their capacity to wage war on children, we can save hundreds of thousands of lives a year."

Behind a carefully cultivated mask of respectability, Aden says, "Planned Parenthood is a mammoth, billion-dollar-plus organization, whose business model depends on killing babies in the womb. They’re actually America’s largest abortion provider, effectively controlling the market. There is no close second. They are the movement leader for the abortion industry."

As such, "Planned Parenthood works harder to promote abortion than any other organization in the country," says Erin Brownback, of Alliance Defending Freedom’s Life Project. "They bring enormous resources to bear – politically and financially – that no one else can." And a major source of that formidable economic power is … well, you.

Last year, taxpayer dollars accounted for 45 percent – a staggering $542.4 million – of Planned Parenthood’s revenues. What do we get for our money?

Among other things, Brownback says: children’s textbooks, openly promoting underage sex – often with graphic illustrations. Websites that encourage promiscuity by challenging students to use Planned Parenthood condoms, then post online "Where Did You Wear It?" Media campaigns featuring smiling celebrities wearing T-shirts that read, "I had an abortion."

"The Planned Parenthood business model is a three-legged stool," says Aden. "One, get kids involved in dangerous sexual behavior early. Two, promote underage and illicit sex, which brings on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), cervical cancer, and pregnancies. Three, make money by screening for STDs and cervical cancer, treating STDs, and – when contraception fails – performing abortions. Their goal is to make money, regardless of the devastating consequences for young people."

"The drive for ever-increasing profits...has prompted a quota system that requires all employees to push pregnant women to end their pregnancies."

Steve Aden
Or women. Multiple studies suggest that Planned Parenthood often puts profits before health and safety, with many Planned Parenthood affiliates having been called out by health agencies for exercising low medical standards in inadequate facilities with poorly sterilized equipment.

"They have a callous disregard for even the most basic health and safety standards designed to keep women safe," Aden says. One example: the organization’s enthusiasm for "web-cam" abortions, which allow an onscreen Planned Parenthood doctor at a remote location to authorize a woman’s pharmaceutical abortion without physically examining her.

img-PrettyUgly-bookletThat’s the kind of low-overhead, high-profit turnaround Planned Parenthood likes to see from its facilities. The drive for ever-increasing profits probably not only limits the corporation’s interest in adoption referrals (it makes about one for every 145 abortions), but (according to former Planned Parenthood staffers) has prompted a quota system that requires all employees to push pregnant women to end their pregnancies – and resulted in a record for Planned Parenthood of 334,000 abortions in 2011, and nearly a million over the last three years.

Alliance Defending Freedom is beginning to turn that brutal tide. The ministry has litigated over 45 cases involving Planned Parenthood so far, "and, working with many allies in the pro-life movement, is increasingly taking on Planned Parenthood in the courts," Aden says. With the help of former Planned Parenthood employees, he says, "we’ve been gathering solid evidence of nearly $8 million in waste, overbilling, and abuse by Planned Parenthood facilities all over the U.S."

"Alliance Defending Freedom’s success comes by the grace of God and the power of the alliance," Aden says. "We have so many cases in place against Planned Parenthood that we could not prosecute without the help of our Allied Attorneys. With them, we’re doing all we can to hold Planned Parenthood accountable in the courts." And not just in the courts: the ministry has presented its evidence to members of Congress and to state legislators and law enforcement officials across the country.

The results, Aden says, are increasingly tangible. "Alliance Defending Freedom works with allies to track every abortion facility in America, and we know that in the first four months of this year alone, 25 abortion businesses have closed, most of them because of regulatory actions against dangerous and unsanitary conditions. As abortionists have gone out of business and the Church has responded to mothers in crisis by raising up pregnancy resource centers, America now has three times as many pregnancy resource centers as abortion businesses, and the demand for abortions has dropped by one-third." Perhaps death-as-big-business is a dying industry, at last.

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