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Dallas International Airport — Two-and-a-half hours since they announced a “slight delay” to our departure.  Idle time is a rare occasion in my life.  Scooping up my laptop, I find a quiet corner and began chiseling away at the e-mails piling up in my in-box. 

Many were regarding current litigation. Others concerned potential cases.  I sat there, sifting through letter after letter, thinking what an unusual and beautiful vocation God had granted those of us who work at the Alliance Defense Fund.  And, what a shame it is that we live in a world where the freedom of so many depends on our God-anointed efforts. 

That’s mostly because, for nearly a century now, the ACLU and its allies have been working – with considerable success – to silence Christians.  Why have they gotten away with it?  

Perhaps because, for many Americans, the Constitution is something half-remembered from a high school civics class – more a museum artifact than the legal bedrock of our freedoms.

When the ACLU attacks those freedoms, it’s a direct assault on the civil liberties secured in the Constitution.  But Christians – as confused as most Americans about what the Constitution does and doesn’t say – have for too long been “turning the other cheek” to these attacks.  Not out of humility, but out of fear and uncertainty.  That unwillingness to stand up for our faith and freedoms has cost us dearly in recent years.  We’re dangerously close to leaving our children and grandchildren a lot less liberty than we received from our own parents and grandparents.

So: here I am.  Sitting in a terminal, four hours and one connection from another ministry event. I’ll be telling them about a lawsuit filed by the ACLU to deny Tennessee parents their constitutional right to pray for their children’s public school… and perhaps how the ACLU is filing lawsuits to deny Christians their constitutional right to pray before public meetings, while suing to allow a Wiccan to do so.

Take it from someone who’s logged a lot of frequent-flyer miles in recent years: cases like these are why ADF and its allies are so critical to this country.  Because without the unique ministry of ADF, and friends like you who make it possible … justice will be “slightly delayed” in courts all over the country.  

And the future of our freedoms will be up in the air. 

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