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Jeremiah G. Dys: Family Policy Council of West Virginia
Upon graduating from the University of West Virginia School of Law nearly a decade ago, Jeremiah Dys was presented with two options: a "dream job" working with Alliance Defending Freedom, or a challenging new leadership position with the West Virginia Family Policy Council (FPC). Genuinely torn between the two opportunities, he turned to his pastor for advice.

"Which would require a greater step of faith?" his pastor asked. So, Dys chose the FPC—only to find himself nearly as involved with Alliance Defending Freedom as if he had gone there.

"I work extremely closely with Alliance Defending Freedom," he says. "I’m co-counsel on a lawsuit right now with them. I work with their media team heavily, and rely on the organization’s attorneys to provide support for our policy work all the time. I have been able to work with the ministry without working for the ministry."

Though trained as an attorney himself, Dys says lobbying, fundraising, and administrative work for the FPC often limit the time he has to draw up crucial legal documents that support his team’s policies. He depends on Alliance Defending Freedom staff attorneys to supply expert testimony and crucial briefs, and on the ministry’s media team for help with press releases and editorials. Drawing on these extensive resources "makes [our FPC] look bigger than we are," he says, "and in the world of politics, where perception is everything, it’s great to have that benefit."

Meanwhile, like other FPC leaders in other states nationwide, Dys is able to "open the doors" to his state’s legislature that enable Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys to make crucial presentations. This combined effort, he says, "multiplies the Kingdom work we both get to do, and it ultimately works to the tremendous benefit of both of our organizations."

Even amid escalating conflicts over social issues and religious freedom, Dys says he is confident that God is using Christian citizens who honor their duty to stand for truth in a decadent culture.

"Christ has not called us to win—He has called us to be faithful," Dys says. "I want to win, but the victory ultimately belongs to Christ, not to me. He has given us a free country. By our votes, by our involvement in government, we’re asked to be the stewards of this government that God has given to us, entrusted to us, and for which we will someday be held accountable."

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