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In the News: Volume IV, Issue 2
These life and death dramas involving the medically vulnerable are arising with increasing frequency, and certainly not all of them make the news . . . In such cases, ADF [has often been] the advocate of last resort for people whose loved ones are threatened with being discarded.”

First Things
Wesley J. Smith, March 12, 2011

“[If we had lost] this case it would have meant that it would be illegal under the European Convention on Human Rights to have religious symbols in any state institution anywhere in Europe.”

C-FAM Online
Roger Kiska, ADF Legal Counsel,
representing 33 Members of the
European Parliament regarding a
crucial recent victory at the Grand
Chamber of the European Court
of Human Rights.

“When you open up [L.A. Unified School District] to have a talent show, and allow every possible song under the sun, you cannot legitimately censor a song just because it has religious lyrics — and that’s exactly what they did here.”

David Cortman, ADF Senior Counsel,
on a victory allowing a grade school boy
to perform to a Christian song
for his school talent show

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