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Minutes with Alan

Another night, another big hotel dining room. Amid laughter and conversation and clinking glasses and silverware, I’m eating dinner with some ministry friends and special guests of the Alliance Defense Fund.

These dinners and event agendas are often very much alike, but the people aren’t. And therein lies one of the purest joys of my job – meeting people who still love God and America.

You know, I’m a different man now than I was when we began ADF 14 years ago. I confess that I came to this job with a rather dour, gloomy view of our country’s future. But like President Reagan, whom I was once privileged to serve, I’ve come to embrace a sunny optimism about tomorrow in America. And I’ve come to that optimism the same way he did – through day-by-day interactions with ordinary people who still believe in the truths our nation was built on, and who walk humbly with the God who has blessed our country so abundantly.

It amazes me how many tens of thousands of people I’ve been blessed to meet and speak with, face to face, across 20 years of intense travel and speaking engagements … and how much inspiration, information, encouragement, and delight I have received from those encounters.

When America was founded, only about 2.5 million Americans lived on this continent. Assuming some 1.75 million of those were adults, and that even half of them were sold out to Christ, that’s still only 750,000 Christians in the generation that laid the foundations of spiritual liberty in America. 

Today, we know that many times that number of people in this country truly love God, so – numerically speaking – the Body of Christ is actually much larger and stronger than it was at the founding. 

But of course, none of us can picture “millions.” Only faces. Smiling faces like the ones across the table from me tonight.  

Sometimes, the faces belong to visionary national leaders like Edwin Meese (p. 14), or to remarkable new friends like Dieter and Regina Bayer (p. 6), and sometimes to businessmen or homemakers, pastors or teachers, students or fellow lawyers. But, time and again, my heart gives thanks for these great gifts …

… the opportunity to meet countless fellow Christians like you, and to know how many have been blessed, eternally, by the work of our faithful ADF team.  

If you’re one of those I’ve been privileged to talk with – thank you. And if you’re not – I hope the Lord lets us remedy that, soon.

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