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Cathi Herrod: President, Center for Arizona Policy
Cathi Herrod is now in her fifth year as president of the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), a family policy council whose legislative agenda includes a number of Alliance Defense Fund objectives. Her tireless leadership has helped secure the passage of 101 bills – many of them written, endorsed, and/or defended in court by ADF.

“The relationship between CAP and ADF is a great example of the meaning of ‘alliance,’” Cathi Herrod says. “Pastors in Arizona now look at CAP as being the public policy ‘go-to,’ and ADF as being the legal ‘go-to.’” Across the country, she says, “my colleagues at family policy councils depend on ADF for legal advice and for legal defense in court,” she says. “The associations are phenomenal, and they’re only going to grow.” 

Coming from a personal background that gave her an up-close view of the threats to families, religious liberties, and children in the womb, she describes her work now as “a calling.”

“I am in this,” Herrod says, “because of what I see in God’s Word, and the joy that comes from being obedient to what God has called me to do. I believe He calls us to be salt and light, to lift up a standard of righteousness, to go into all the world with our beliefs.” She takes a special joy in celebrating two crucial triumphs that saw two of those beliefs underscored by state law.

In 2008, CAP orchestrated a multi-denominational grassroots effort that accomplished the successful passage of a state amendment defining marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman. Then, last summer, the state Court of Appeals upheld an Abortion Consent Act that has already led Planned Parenthood to stop offering abortions at seven clinics and a sharp downturn in the number of abortions in Arizona – hundreds less than just a year before.

“To those who believe Christians shouldn’t participate in the legislative process or engage in public policy – look to Arizona,” Herrod says. “When we pull together as people of faith … when we register to vote, vote our values, and participate in the legislative process, we can make a difference. And we see the triumph of good over evil.” 

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