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A Novel Idea
Since the prophet Nathan first came to King David with the story of a stolen lamb (2 Samuel 12), believers have been finding creative ways to use fiction to get each other’s attention.

As the primary communicator of the vision of ADF, I travel all over the world every year, meeting thousands of people of every faith, culture, ethnic background, and walk of life.  I am always looking for new ways to engage these people with a powerful sense of what we’re doing, what we’re up against, what we need, and what God has called us to do.  

So, recently, I’ve experimented with writing a little fiction myself.  The book is called In Justice, and it’s a story, set in the near future, of three friends whose careers and convictions take them to opposite ends of the moral and legal spectrum.  Their increasingly divergent beliefs bring them into serious conflict, and the fate of religious freedom in America soon hangs in the balance.

Put simply, the message of the book is – what if the efforts of ADF were trumped by aggressive and effective new anti-Christian leadership in the Justice Department?  What if there was no solid legal alliance to stand against the onslaughts of the ACLU and the voracious agenda of activist judges?  How long could our churches stand … how long could we give a public testimony to our faith in Jesus Christ … how long could the rights and freedoms we cherish really endure?

I’ve been playing with the ideas for this book for more than a decade, and it’s disconcerting how many things that sounded thoroughly fictional before 9/11 have, in just a few short years, become reality.  I pray that In Justice will always remain what I intended it to be – a work of fiction.

No, I don’t expect this book to win any prizes … it’s just a humble attempt to find another way to communicate how much is at stake in the ongoing struggle for the soul of America. I know that most of our faithful Ministry Friends grasp all too well the enormity of the challenges before us, and the magnitude of the threat posed by the seismic shifts in our culture and our courts in recent years.  But sometimes, it’s useful to refract what we know through a new prism … to throw a different light on the truths and the freedoms we can easily take for granted.

So, I hope you enjoy the book, that it renews your appreciation for the incredible impact ADF is making on our nation’s legal system, and that it reminds you Who is really writing “what tomorrow will look like in America” … the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:1). 

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