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U.S. Supreme Court

Help hold government officials accountable when they violate your freedoms!

The government is supposed to protect freedom, not take it away.

In 2016, college officials stopped Chike Uzuegbunam not once, but twice, from sharing his Christian faith with fellow students in the public areas of his college campus.

First, college officials told Chike where and when he could speak—two tiny speech zones on campus. But even after Chike followed their directions, they still silenced him. Campus police even threatened to punish him if he did not stop sharing his faith!

This was a blatant violation of Chike’s freedom of speech.

Because of the generous support of people like you, ADF challenged the college’s unconstitutional policies in court. But Chike is still awaiting justice.

The college changed its speech policies in an attempt to avoid any penalty for violating Chike’s rights. And after waiting more than a year to rule, the court said that because the college changed its policies, and because Chike had now graduated, there was nothing left to do. The court of appeals agreed.

There was no justice for Chike—no compensation for having his rights violated—nothing. And no court order to stop the same thing from happening to other students in the future.

That’s why Chike asked the U.S. Supreme Court to step in.

Government officials must be held accountable for trampling someone’s constitutional rights—whether it’s Chike’s rights, your rights, or anyone else’s. Freedom must be protected.

The Supreme Court is set to hear Chike’s case this term, and your tax-deductible gift is needed to help fund this critical effort.

Please take your stand for freedom today and help ensure that government officials are held accountable when they violate your rights!

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