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“You Will Be Made to Care” In Bookstores Now

October 17, 2017

If we’re honest, many of us think we can still avoid the culture wars. As long as we’re not renting out our house for weddings, a baker, a florist, or working for the government, we really won’t be affected. But as Erick Erickson, the former Editor-in-Chief of points out in his new book, you can’t sit on the sidelines forever. As he says, “You will be made to care.”

Erick Erickson joins with Christian author Bill Blankschaen to “expose the war in America on Christians and all people of faith who refuse to bow to the worst kind of religion—secularism—one intent on systematically imposing its agenda and frightening doubters into silence” in their book titled: “You Will Be Made To Care,” launching on February 22nd and available on Amazon now.

The book features first-hand accounts from Christians who never imagined how the culture wars would ever affect them, much less change their lives.

The idea for this book originally came from a series of blog posts Erick Erickson wrote on  In a post about a Christian club getting kicked off of campus for being “the wrong kind of Christian,” Erickson wrote:

“A lot of Christians have long thought they could sit on the sidelines. Only the icky evangelicals they don’t much care for and the creepily committed Catholics would have to deal with these issues and the people who hate those deeply committed to their faith. They, on the other hand, could sit on the sidelines, roll their eyes, and tell everyone that they didn’t think it was that big a deal. They were, after all, on birth control or watching whatever trendy HBO series is on or having a cocktail or perfectly willing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

“But it is not so simple. This world hates God and hates the things and people of God. There is no gray in that. Look at John 15:19: ‘If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.’

“There is no ambiguity in that statement. You may think you can sit on the sidelines. You may think you can opt-out of the culture war . . . But not only will you one day be called to account to your God for how you advanced his kingdom, but on this Earth you will be made to care. That does not mean you have license to be bitter or angry or hateful. You should love others and help others. Just do not expect anything in return.

“And this is the fun, weird, odd bit of it — the world will make you choose your side and force you to care, not God. God will call you to account, but the world will force you to pick your tribe. As O. Palmer Robertson wrote, ‘While salvation is by faith, judgment is by works.’ And on the way to judgment, this world guarantees one thing — you will be made to care.”

It’s not a book about politics, Erickson says, or complaining about how bad things have gotten.  It’s about hope:  “Now is not the time for quitting. Now is the time for engaging culture strategically with an understanding of the times in which we live and a reinvigorated faith in God.”


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