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You Make It Possible to Stand for Religious Freedom

July 1, 2019

With Independence Day just around the corner, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done to protect our God-given freedoms.

This past year, you have allowed God to use you to provide a strong defense for religious freedom. It’s because of your prayers and support that Alliance Defending Freedom was able to answer the call when your brothers and sisters in Christ needed help—thank you.

In just one year, you helped achieved several important wins for religious freedom.

  • You helped Jack Phillips win…twice! Last June, the United States Supreme Court reversed the government’s decision to punish Jack for living and working consistently with his religious beliefs about marriage. The high court condemned the government’s hostility toward Jack’s faith. But it wasn’t over yet. Just a few weeks later, the same government commission that the Supreme Court rebuked went after Jack a second time. But thanks to your support, Jack sued the state and got it to back off. Praise God!

  • You helped pro-life pregnancy centers win at the U.S. Supreme Court. Also last June, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of pro-life pregnancy centers. A California law was forcing these pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion. But the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in their favor—delivering a blow to abortion advocates in the state, and a huge win for free speech and pro-life organizations across America!

  • You helped Chief Kelvin Cochran get the justice he deserved. After dedicating over 30 years of his life to fighting fires and protecting the communities where he lived and worked, Chief Cochran was fired by the City of Atlanta for writing a book about his faith on his own time. Thankfully, in October, Chief Cochran received justice. The City of Atlanta agreed to pay him a settlement after the court recognized that he had suffered unconstitutional harm.

All of these are huge wins for religious liberty. And none of them could have happened without your prayers and support. We must remember that every victory we achieve for these courageous clients is a victory for your freedom too.

Our ultimate goal is to establish freedom—not only for ourselves, but also for our children, grandchildren, and the generations that will follow them.

Thank you again for the ways you stand with us. Because of your prayers and support, we will be able to answer the call when our brothers and sisters need help—thank you.

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