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What Happened When This Christian Law Student Stood Up for the Unborn

January 3, 2020

During Josh’s first year at Harvard Law School, there was a “free speech wall” in the student lounge where students could leave messages about what Harvard should start doing, continue doing, or stop doing.

Josh, being a determined advocate for the right to life of the unborn, wrote a message declaring that Harvard should stop funding abortions in its student health plans.

“No” was the emphatic response that Josh received from other students.

“I later noticed that someone had taken down my sticky note,” Josh explains. So, he wrote it again. And again. It was continually removed.

But Josh persisted. And then, one day he went to the lounge and found that his message, though still on the wall, was surrounded by notes mocking his statement. “But I wasn’t discouraged,” Josh says. “If anything, I had raised the issue of abortion among those who would have preferred to ignore it.”

Later that same year, Josh attended Blackstone Legal Fellowship, which begins with an intensive 9-week leadership-training program for Christian law students.

Through Blackstone, the next generation of law students are encouraged to defend truth in careers marked by integrity, excellence, and leadership. From the steps of top-tier schools into culture-shaping careers in law, government, and other areas, these law students are transforming the legal landscape.

Established in 2000, Blackstone is the nation’s only lifelong leadership development program for Christian law students.

Blackstone equips students to confront the biases that have become embedded in the teaching and practice of law. It prepares students to defend constitutional protections for life, marriage and family, and our first freedom—religious freedom.

But, most importantly, Blackstone equips students to help shape the future — for their communities, the legal profession, and ultimately, our nation.

As Josh’s story exemplifies, being a Christian in law school, where the Judeo-Christian worldview is so often rejected and ridiculed, is not always easy. This is one of the reasons supporting Blackstone is so important: Through Blackstone, Christian law students discover that they are not alone.

“I recommend Blackstone to all of my Christian friends who enter law school,” Josh says. “There is no better way to build friendships with intelligent Christian law students … Blackstone is a welcome reprieve from feeling like a battered minority on campus.”

But this is not all that Blackstone brings to the table, according to Josh. In a career field that is marked by a worldly measure of success, Blackstone helped him recall what true success is. “Blackstone helped me remember that worldly measures of accomplishment or success in the legal profession aren’t enough.”

It matters to speak the truth in love, to stand for truth. Josh lives this out. And Blackstone equipped him to stand up for the things that matter, like the rights of the unborn, in the legal profession.

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