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Sequester Planned Parenthood

October 17, 2017

Washington is fretting about the budget cuts required by the sequester. Of course, as typically happens whenever budget cuts are required, those opposing the cuts grandstand and pretend that the only places to cut are the fire department, libraries, and the baseball and apple pie subsidies. How about an alternative solution to our fiscal woes? Sequester Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, rakes in roughly a half billion in taxpayer funds every year. Aside from advocating for its favorite politicians, what does it do with its money? Some of its taxpayer funds pay for abortions – directly and indirectly. It also bills the government for other limited services that could be more effectively and efficiently provided by full service medical providers, causing some states to realize that taxpayer dollars are better used when they provide a woman access to care somewhere other than in a Planned Parenthood abortion boutique.

That half billion also includes waste, abuse and potential fraud of millions of taxpayer dollars. Last year we sent a report to Congress demonstrating that public audits of just a handful of Planned Parenthood affiliates revealed roughly $8 million in overpayments to Planned Parenthood. Again, these aren’t “claims,” they are the results of only a few audits performed so far by government agencies in California, New York, Texas and Washington.

Additionally, ADF represents two former Planned Parenthood clinic directors, Abby Johnson in Texas and Susan Thayer in Iowa, who allege that Planned Parenthood defrauded taxpayers of a total of almost $34 million. Another whistleblower complaint against Planned Parenthood has been revealed. The complaint in United States ex. rel. Jonathan Bloedow v. Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, alleges that Planned Parenthood defrauded Medicaid of more than $28 million additional taxpayer dollars. That’s a total of $62 million just in cases brought by Alliance Defending Freedom. Planned Parenthood faces additional allegations of fraud by other whistleblowers in Texas and California.

What could we do with the $70 million in Planned Parenthood waste, abuse and potential fraud identified in the public audits and alleged in just these three whistleblower cases? We could fund White House tours for the next thirty-five years. The White House is also suggesting that this year’s Easter egg roll might have to be cut. At $2.00 per dozen, Planned Parenthood’s waste, abuse and potential fraud would pay for approximately 420 million eggs. The coloring tablets would be extra.

Of course, if we actually want to get serious about our fiscal condition, the half billion to Planned Parenthood should all be on the table. Its political connections aside, taxpayer dollars can be better spent and women better served by other medical providers concerned about their whole health – and who don’t have the same track record of misusing taxpayer funds. Why should every other line in the budget be on the table while Planned Parenthood’s is considered off-limits? Let’s keep the tours and the eggs and sequester Planned Parenthood instead.

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