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Sanctity of Life

Maria Came to Cedar Park Looking for a Miracle. She Found a Ministry.

Cedar Park doesn’t just talk about being pro-life. It lives it out through its ministries.

The Heartwarming Story Behind This Church's Pro-life Witness

“We’re 100% when it comes to life. We’re all in."

Why Did A Federal Court Stop Missouri from Protecting Children with Down Syndrome?

The stigma against people with Down syndrome is costing lives. So, the state of Missouri decided to do something about it.

What If PETA Were Forced to Hire Recreational Hunters?

While this is a hypothetical, a law like this was recently passed in New York.

How a Lawsuit in Florida Debunked One of Planned Parenthood’s Most Misleading Claims

October 31, 2019 is the last day Planned Parenthood will perform surgical abortion in its Osceola County, Florida location.

California Is Forcing Churches to Pay for Abortions. Here’s What We’re Doing About It Today

What a Church does and does not fund should not be decided by unelected bureaucrats.

What We Can Learn from the Story of the Abortionist Who Hoarded Bodies of Aborted Babies

What happened at the Illinois residence of Ulrich Klopfer shocks the conscience.