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A Response To The Supreme Court: The Family Must Be At The Heart Of Who We Are

October 17, 2017
By: Joshua Tijerina

The U.S. Supreme Court has made its highly anticipated decision on marriage. The Court has redefined marriage in America and effectively ushered in same-sex marriage. Before the Supreme Court’s sweeping redefinition of marriage, more than two-thirds of the states that allowed same-sex marriage had it imposed upon them by court dictate. Now the rest of the states (approximately 13) will also have it judicially imposed on them.

What sort of blows my mind about all of this is that there seems to be this perception that the definition of marriage hinges on this single decision. Wake up, people! Marriage in our culture has changed because we, the people, did not do our job to protect it. Like it or not, that is the truth. Regardless of the Court’s decision, our cause remains the same: a society built on the natural family.

As I write that, I sort of have to chuckle a bit. I mean, can culture be built any other way? The fact that we are having this discussion is hard to believe, but let’s go over it one more time so that we have a very clear understanding, because this is an equation that can never, ever change. Here we go:

Man + Woman = Children. Man + Woman + Children = Family. Family + Family = Community. Community + Community = Society.

Without the relationship in the first equation, we cease to exist.

This definition of marriage has existed all the way back to the beginning of mankind. It is not something we can change because marriage is a reality that has existed long before we started to foolishly presume the ability to redefine it.

Relationships between a man and a woman are undoubtedly different from same-sex relationships because, no matter how hard we try, we can’t make human beings without a man and a woman. This is precisely why the “equality” argument holds no weight. Marriage is unique from all other relationships, and therefore must be defined as a diverse and creative union: diverse in that it must include a member from each sex, and creative in that this relationship produces children.

Whenever we do attempt to redefine marriage, we hurt society, whether that be a few states, or all of America. (And it isn’t just America that should concern us, which is why Alliance Defending Freedom has expanded our efforts internationally.) Regardless of this decision by the Court, we must diligently work towards a society built on the natural family.

The family must always be at the heart of who we are.

Our society has largely forgotten this truth. ADF is not resting, and will not rest, in its defense of marriage. You cannot rest either. We must all work together to ensure that marriage is always a diverse and creative union that joins together a man and a woman for life.

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