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Religious Freedom

Does the “Wall of Separation” Mean Religious Groups Can’t Receive Coronavirus Aid?

As Congress gets closer to passing a coronavirus relief bill, questions are emerging about aid provisions for religious groups, such as Christian colleges and universities.

Church Services, COVID-19, and the Constitution: Your Questions Answered

Many churches have shared concerns about how the government restrictions put in place to fight the spread of the virus are impacting our religious freedom. I addressed this in a video.

WATCH: An Important Win for Pro-Life Healthcare Professionals

Regardless of our views on abortion, we should all be able to agree that the government shouldn’t force us to violate our convictions under threat of losing our jobs.

After Years in Court, the Larsens Can Now Tell Wedding Stories

For years, Carl and Angel Larsen wanted to use their filmmaking to tell marriage stories. But something was standing in their way.

Can Pastors and Churches Address 2020 Election Issues? A Free Legal Guide to Answer Your Questions

The guide for pastors and church leaders provides helpful, timely, general guidance on politics, elections, and the issues of the day.

Why the Supreme Court Should Uphold Protections for Little Sisters of the Poor and Others

If the court allows these bureaucrats to force religious sisters to violate their pro-life beliefs, who would be safe from government attacks on people of faith?

We Need More Foster and Adoptive Parents. Why Does Philadelphia Put Politics Over Kids?

Shutting down faith-based adoption and foster care providers means fewer children will have a chance to find a loving home.