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Religious Freedom

Church Members Fined for Attending Drive-In Service—Despite Following COVID-19 Guidelines

Treating churches worse than businesses or social services is unconstitutional.

Opponents of Religious Freedom Won’t Rest Until Masterpiece Cakeshop Closes Its Doors

Today, Alliance Defending Freedom represented Jack before a state district court.

Why the ACLU’s Arguments in Harris Funeral Homes Miss the Mark

The ACLU claims that Tom violated the law, and that the Supreme Court should rewrite federal law by redefining “sex” to include “gender identity.” But its arguments fall short.

5 Things to Know About Tom Rost and Harris Funeral Homes

Here are five things to know about the man at the center of the Harris Funeral Homes case.

Georgia Tech Has a Long History of Unconstitutional Policies—So This Student Group Is Taking a Stand

Georgia Tech’s refusal to respect the constitutional rights of its students is stunning.

Coronavirus Is Not the Only Thing Threatening to Cancel Women’s Sports

Even when the threat of the coronavirus is removed, another threat to athletic competition still remains. That is, if you're a female athlete.