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Religious Freedom

Think the “Equality Act” Will Spare Churches and Religious Schools? Think Again.

If the “Equality Act” is passed, not even churches and religious schools will be safe from the government’s reach.

A Third Grader Was Forced to Remove Her “Jesus Loves Me” Mask—So She's Taking a Stand

As far as some government officials are concerned, religious freedom matters less than other freedoms.

The “Equality Act” Threatens Children Waiting to Be Adopted

Children deserve our fiercest protection. But a legislative priority of the Biden administration threatens a particularly vulnerable group: children in the foster and adoption care system.

President Biden’s Pick for Education Secretary Is Bad News for Women’s Sports

Whether Dr. Cardona is ultimately confirmed or not, you can rest assured that ADF will continue to stand up for laws and policies that reflect God-given biological realities.

The “Equality Act” Would Mean More Cases Like These

The “Equality Act” poses a devastating and unprecedented threat to the religious freedom of business owners and creative professionals nationwide.

Together, We Can Save Women’s Sports

National Girls and Women in Sports Day reminds us of the importance of female athletic opportunities and the need to defend them against policies that ignore biological reality.

President Biden’s “Scientific Integrity” Memo Contradicts His Own Policies

“Scientific findings should never be distorted or influenced by political considerations.”