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News You Should Know: SPLC Could Face Up to 60 Lawsuits, Air Force Commander Faces Bigotry, Plus More

By Michael Farris, Jr. posted on:
August 17, 2018

The Southern Poverty Law Center could be facing many more lawsuits after paying out a $3.375 million settlement in June for using the “hate group” label. Meanwhile, a brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force faces pressure for having a website encouraging people to pray at lunch. Here are a few of the news stories you might have missed in the past week—especially in light of Jack Phillips’ new case!

ADF in the News

PJ Media: Update on the 60 Separate Defamation Lawsuits Against the SPLC Under Consideration

The Southern Poverty Law Center is facing increasing pressure to stop using the "hate group" label to designate their ideological opponents. Up to 60 organizations could bring their own lawsuits against the SPLC, but Alliance Defending Freedom Vice President of U.S. Advocacy and Administration Jeremy Tedesco sheds some light on why the organizations might be waiting to file suit.

Religious Freedom

The Los Angeles Times: Religious website triggers complaint against Edwards Air Force Base brigadier general

A brigadier general for the U.S. Air Force has a website that encourages fellow Christians to pray for their country during lunchtime. Now, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is demanding that the Department of Defense investigate the general for using his official capacity to "proselytize."

Marriage and the Family

American Thinker: The Problem with Gay Marriage

A conservative writer reflects on a fractured friendship with an LGBT conservative colleague who holds differing views on the meaning of marriage. He uses this premise to address deeper issues of what marriage should mean to a society and why the current cultural understanding of marriage is mistaken.

Sanctity of Life

Politico: California poised to require [abortion-inducing pills] on state college campuses

California's legislature will soon vote on a bill requiring public universities to include abortion-inducing pills in their student health services. Those in favor of the bill say access to an abortion should be as easy as possible, while opponents say it jeopardizes the students' success and well-being.

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Michael Farris, Jr.

Michael Farris, Jr.

Legal Content Manager

Michael Farris, Jr., serves as Legal Content Manager for Alliance Defending Freedom and is a Virginia-born Idaho convert.


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