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News You Should Know: Florist Appeals to Supreme Court… Again

By Michael Farris, Jr. posted on:
June 13, 2019

After the U.S. Supreme Court sent Arlene’s Flowers—a case involving floral artist Barronelle Stutzman declining to participate in a same-sex wedding—back to the Washington Supreme Court, the state court claimed to find no religious animus similar to that of Masterpiece Cakeshop, despite some pretty clear evidence. ADF Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner explains why the U.S. Supreme Court should hear Barronelle’s case and why it matters for every American. Also, the Trump Administration takes more pro-life steps, the Vatican comes out against “gender identity,” and we learn about the Hyde Amendment and why it should stay in place. All of this from the Alliance Alert team.

ADF in the News

The Washington Examiner: Floral artist has good reason to head back to Supreme Court

The state of Washington and the ACLU are not backing down in their effort to make an example of a Christian florist. After Barronelle Stutzman told her long-time customer and friend that she couldn't create a floral arrangement to celebrate his same-sex wedding, the state and the ACLU hammered Barronelle with lawsuits, putting every penny she has at risk if she doesn’t yield to the state’s demands and violate her conscience. ADF Senior Vice President of U.S. Legal Division Kristen Waggoner writes how the Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court precedent both support Barronelle and how this case matters for every freedom-loving American.

Religious Freedom

Fox News: Trump administration restricts NIH funding for fetal tissue research

After a six-month investigation, the Trump administration announced it will not renew a contract with the University of California, San Francisco because of a federally-funded research project that uses human fetal tissue obtained from elective abortions. This is one of many steps that the Department of Health and Human Services has taken to ensure that tax payer money does not go toward funding abortions. While this decision directly affects National Institutes of Health use of human fetal tissue, the HHS has also stated it will rigorously review future federal grant applications.

Marriage and the Family

WORLD: Vatican backs Biblical view of gender

The Vatican has officially come out against the idea of "gender fluidity" and continues to hold to the biblical understanding of biological sex. The Congregation for Catholic Education—the Vatican's educational branch—issued a statement entitled "Male and Female He Created Them" and said the idea of gender fluidity is based on feelings or impulses of the individual rather than "anything based on the truths of existence." The statement called for Catholic educators to respectfully listen to others while at the same time, remembering "the wisdom of the Creator's design."

Sanctity of Life

The Daily Signal: 6 Things to Know About the Hyde Amendment

As some Democratic presidential candidates come out against the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortion, Rachel del Guidice of The Daily Signal reminds us of the significance of the law. She points out how the law has been applied annually since 1977 with bi-partisan support and was upheld by the Supreme Court. Additionally, a majority of Americans do not want federal funding for abortion, which puts presidential candidates out of step with potential voters.

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Michael Farris, Jr.

Michael Farris, Jr.

Legal Content Manager

Michael Farris, Jr., serves as Legal Content Manager for Alliance Defending Freedom and is a Virginia-born Idaho convert.


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