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Calling Evil Good: Lawmakers in New York Celebrate Expansive Abortion Law

The Anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a solemn occasion. But in the New York State legislature there was an uproarious celebration. Why?

3 Observations from the 2019 March for Life

This was my first March for Life, after several years of watching live updates and cheering the march on from behind a computer screen.

Holding up Jack Phillips’ Hands in His Fight for Religious Freedom

It is your support that will help keep Jack's hands steady as he awaits a decision from the Supreme Court.

Colorado’s Creative Professionals Are All Threatened by This Law

Graphic designer Lorie Smith has followed Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips’ case with concern for several years. Last year, she decided to do more than wait and watch.

Why Jack’s Creative Process Requires Freedom

Jack loves the artistic process. Which is why he also loves designing custom wedding cakes.

How It’s Possible to Support Jack Phillips Even If You Support Same-Sex Marriage

Many people, including members of the LGBT community, have come out in support of Jack. How is that even possible?

How Our Letter to Amazon Does (and Doesn’t) Relate to Jack Phillips’ Case

After news broke last week that Amazon dropped ADF from the AmazonSmile program, many of you reached out to us to clarify our response to the e-commerce giant.