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How Vermont Is Treating Religious High School Students Worse Than Everyone Else

We are simply asking that the state of Vermont treat students at religious high schools equally and give them the same opportunities as public school students.

Other Shirt Designs that Blaine Adamson Couldn’t Print

When Blaine receives a request at his business, Hands On Originals, he considers whether the message he is being asked to print is consistent with his religious beliefs.

How One Student Group Made the University of Florida Campus More Open to Free Speech

Now, thanks to these students’ willingness to take a stand, the university and its student government can no longer cherry-pick which views are brought to campus!

WATCH: Selina Speaks up for Female Athletes on the Today Show

Last week, high school athlete Selina Soule appeared on the Today Show along with an ADF attorney to take a stand for female athletes.

Should a Conservative Consulting Firm Be Forced to Promote Socialism?

The government should exist to protect freedom, not take it away. That’s why Grant and Jacob decided to file a lawsuit against Ann Arbor.

News You Should Know: How to Stay Free of the New Orthodoxy

Did you see these news stories from the past week?

You Can Help Protect Freedom’s Future Today

Will you help train the next generation of Christian attorneys today?