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Investigating Speech: When the Process Becomes the Punishment

A Georgetown student group and a Boise State professor to spend weeks justifying their existence on campus.

USDA Affirms That This Michigan Family Meatpacking Business Has Constitutional Rights, Too

All of our government officials should be committed to upholding the Constitution, including USDA officials. When they shirk this duty, it has real-world consequences for our citizens.

Are You a Neo-Nazi? Boise State Thinks You Are If You Agree with This Professor

The outrage started when Boise State University’s School of Public Service posted an article by Dr. Scott Yenor on Facebook.

Of Babies and Birth Certificates

The natural family has an objective structure that is based on the truth every child has a biological mother and father.

At Least 42 Cake Artists in the Denver Area Design Cakes for Same-Sex Weddings

So, why has Colorado ordered cake artist Jack Phillips to design cakes celebrating same-sex marriage in violation of his faith?

When Speech is Censored for 90 Days on 99.9987% of Campus

At Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), it would be difficult to limit free speech more than they already are.

Is Georgetown Catholic, or Not?

A student group at Georgetown University is in danger of losing its status as a registered student group on campus. Why? They hold a Catholic view of marriage.